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CARE (Campus Assault ResponsE) is a student-led organization and helpline dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual assault and intimate partner violence at James Madison University.

Because we CARE…

We believe you. It wasn’t your fault.

CARE wants survivors on our campus to know that there’s a community of people who care about and support you. We want you to know that there are options and resources to help you begin your healing process. Whether you want to report, seek counseling, or just want to talk, we’re here for you. CARE understands that there is no single narrative on what it means to be a survivor, which means that there is no one path to recovery, so it’s important that we as a community offer as many opportunities as possible for survivors to heal and seek justice. You are more than deserving of any and all help.

CARE meets every Thursday @ 7PM in SSC 3202.
Our next meeting is February 23rd!

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